What is Documentary Wedding Photography?

Documentary Wedding Photography, Photojournalism, Wedding photojournalism, Candid wedding photography… there are lots of names for our style of photography but all it really means is your wedding runs the way you would like, we take relaxed, informal photos that tell a story of your day. We try and capture pictures of people being themselves and enjoying their day. We look out for the moments of excitement, nerves, happiness and love – to us, these are the most important parts of the day.


We don’t take many formal group shots
Have you ever been to a wedding and found yourself stood outside for hours in questionable British weather waiting to be told when you need to be stood in line, waiting for an hour for a flustered photographer to take loads of posed group photos? So have we, and it takes such a big chunk of your day catching up family and friends. It’s possibly the least favourite part of the day for everyone which is why we limit the number of group shots meaning this part of the day takes only a short amount of time so you and your guests can relax and enjoy themselves.

Documentary Wedding Photography
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We don’t take you away for hours to take lots of fancy posed shots
Instead, we take a little time to capture you both just being yourselves around each other as husband and wife. Some documentary photographers are strictly no couples shots, but it is nice to have one or two shots of just the two of you. We have been to a couple of wedding as guests where the couple had a traditional photographer (one that takes wonderfully posed photos) and discovered that being a guest at a wedding, you barely get to see the bride and groom! At one wedding, when the bride and groom finally re-emerged, the bride was crying and complaining her face hurt from and she’s not had a chance to say hello to everyone. What we do instead is take the bride and group for a very short wander around, you both stand together chatting and hugging (or whatever it is you do) and we just take a few pictures of you looking happy, then you’re free to get back to your guests. Quick and painless!

As Yorkshire wedding photographers working in a documentary wedding Photography style, the above is optional, if you want full documentary images with strictly no posing, that’s great and we’ll be in our element – we don’t take photos for ourselves or to raise our status or for our portfolio, we take photos for our brides and grooms 🙂

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We take relaxed and informal photos of you and your guests having fun at your wedding
We blend in, as part of your day and take photos that tell the story of you wedding. One thing a lot of our brides and grooms tell us is that they like that they get to see what the guests are up to and the focus isn’t solely on them. Your day goes so quickly, that there’ll be things you’ll have completely forgotten about and there’ll be things you weren’t there to see. Our favorite feedback is always that, when our couples see their photos for the first time, they laugh and cry along with the pictures and they get to relive their day.

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As a wedding photographer Hull, we find our style is unique and very different to most wedding photographers Hull. Cluskey Smith Weddings are based in Hull but love to travel and have a background in fine art, design, photography and media. As such, we do not follow trends and look to try out the latest and greatest posed photo ideas, we take our inspiration from artists and photographers who aim to capture personality, emotion and soul. Documentary Wedding Photography is timeless and elegant, we don’t want our brides and grooms to find themselves looking back at their photos in 10 years time to find the style of photography is outdated.

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