Good to meet you

    We're your potential stalkers for the day, collecting quality blackmail material on your family and friends

    ...or as the other wedding photographers say “capturing timeless memories on your special day to treasure forever”.

    If we’re honest; we’re mischief makers, not the zany “quirky” in your face types but if the groom is about to be stitched up by the groomsmen we’re probably in on the joke already, we love it when the bridal prep soundtrack is explicit gangster rap and your mum has to tell everyone off for swearing. We basically love all things alternative because weird and wonderful is where we’re most comfortable.

    We meet some of the nicest, most genuine people who trust us with their photography. We like a dark sense of humour and when people pick something random like The Pixies for their first dance or walk down the aisle to The Cure (because we’re closet goths and musical nerds). Our favourite ceremony had personalised vows, with the groom writing his very own sci-fi story about how he met his bride.

    We love creativity, colour and when couples go their own way and do what makes them happiest.

    About Us

    How it all started

    We’ve been husband and wife since October 31st 2015, shortly after moving into our run down little 1930s house in Hull (that we’re still doing up) and acquiring two extremely fluffy kittens called Winnie and Beetlejuice. Our joint adventure into documentary wedding photography started around the same time because that’s the year we decided to be grown ups.

    Then our little monster was born in 2017, he shares his birthday with the Queen and his full title is Walter Teddy Trouble. Obviously we’re biased but we think he’s absolutely amazing. He loves strawberries and shapes. He loves watching Hey Duggee and his favourite songs are Peace in Mississippi by Jimi Hendix and for some inexplicable reason, Flashlight by Parliament.

    Other Random Facts

    The song Toto Africa follows Alex literally everywhere he goes

    Jenni can't listen to Van Halen's "Jump" because she has synesthesia... it's a long story

    Jenni’s alter ego is Wednesday Addams

    Alex spirit animal is Ron Swanson

    Alex has a BA hons in Design and has had photos published in Ripley’s “Believe it or not” He was also formerly a DJ and a web developer

    Jenni has an MA in Fine Art and once exhibited her artwork at the Venice Biennale and her artwork was published in a Vivienne Westwood book

    We once did shots of “monkey snot” with Dara Ó Briain from Mock the Week (rock and roll innit)

    Alex’s guilty pleasure is listening to Taylor Swift (much to Jenni’s disapproval)

    Our favourite films include The Crow, Dazed and Confused, Empire Records, The Blues Brothers and Dogma

    We recently did one of those DNA ancestry things: Jenni who thought she was Italian is actually mostly Greek. Alex is mostly Czech and also is in fact more Italian than Jenni. Probably not very interesting but it explains why Jenni always felt the film "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" was basically a documentary about her family.