May 24, 2016


We're going back a few months in time to our first wedding of the year with the wonderful Elena and Matthew. These guys got married at Beverley Minster, following in the footsteps of Matthew's parents who also married there many years ago. Their wedding reception was at Rowley Manor which always has the most amazing winter wonderland feel with mulled wine, roaring fires and hot drinks on arrival for the wedding party.

When we first spoke to Elena and Matthew, we recognised a little of ourselves in their interests and their wedding plans - a love of Tolkien, Shakespeare, board games, the aurora borealis and all things fantastical. We absolutely loved their wedding plans because of the way they incorporated their favourite things.
When we arrived at Rowley Manor everything was quiet, peaceful and calm while Elena had her hair and makeup done by Bows. Elena is Russian and there was a lot of chatter with her family and friends we didn't understand, but we did get a brief lesson in Russian etiquette and that saying "hello" is very difficult!
Meanwhile, Matthew got ready at his parents' house, carefully tracking the weather. This resulted in the accidental discovery that Leeds apparently has an anti-rain defence forcefield - where everywhere in Yorkshire expected rainfall, Leeds did not!
Elena is one of our calmer brides, seemingly unphased by what was unfolding, and listening to her mother telling her how proud she was of Elena and how brave she would be for walking down the aisle by herself - it was rather sweet.
At Beverley Minster, the walk down the aisle is a very long walk but Elena aced it and Matthew couldn't have looked happier to greet his bride. It was pretty amazing to hear the Waltz of the Flowers played on the organ during their ceremony too.
When we got to Rowley Manor it was warm, cosy and inviting; a stark comparison to the fresh breezes that everyone had encountered outside the Minster for the group shots. Whilst Elena and Matthew were having a bit of time to themselves in the wedding car, everyone was warming up by the fire, drinking mulled wine while preparations were made for the Bread and Salt ceremony.
As you can see Rowley Manor really is a picture perfect Yorkshire wedding venue, especially for winter weddings!
A Bread and Salt ceremony is a Russian tradition where the bread represents hospitality and salt represents prosperity. The offering of bread and salt is traditionally presented to the bride and groom by their parents before the newlyweds enter the reception hall. The bride and groom must feed each other and both take a bite of the bread to symbolise their care for each other and that they'll never be without life's necessities - cute, isn't it?
These guys had Smaug the dragon for a wedding cake. And they cut the cake/ slayed the dragon with that sword. There was a moment we were a little nervous for Elena when Matthew started showing us some of his moves with the sword.

Some of the reactions to the speeches were the funniest we've seen in a while - the best man (Matthew's brother) made an amazing speech that had everyone in stitches.

Then there were fireworks, with thank to the Fireworkers, who put on an amazing display - this was a true surprise for the wedding guests. Obviously, we were in on the secret and helped keep the fireworks a surprise which is always great fun and for a moment the guests think you're the worst photographer in the world... all worth it in the end though.

The evening's entertainment was a fantastic Ceilidh dance with Hessle Ceilidh band, and Lord of the Rings Trivial Pursuit, here in the above picture, are members of the Tolkien society stuck on a particular question if you weren't sure what was going on!
Fantastic wedding - thank you, Elena and Matthew
May 13, 2016


These lovely people got married at Chevin country Park Hotel in Otley, Yorkshire. We've just finished editing their wedding photos so wanted to share their engagement photos before we share more pictures from their wedding. This is the moment we met them in Whitley Bay.
Driving up north from Hull, we realised the weather wouldn't be great for this shoot, there was one point we couldn't see the car in front because of the fog! In most of these pictures, the view of the bay you would normally get to see is hidden.
Lexie and Jamie got engaged in December and organised a full wedding in less than 4 months and booked us early on because they liked that we didn't pose people in loads of pictures and our focus was on the full wedding day. Their initial email was hilarious: we love feedback on our website, especially when we're told that best bit is our confessional about page that mentions Alex's secret love of Taylor Swift.
These guys aren't particularly shy people, but they definitely didn't like posing for pictures, this is often a bit of a challenge for us on engagement shoots. Luckily, Marmaduke kept both of them on their toes and we got some pictures of Jamie running Bay Watch style along to beach in the rain.
Marmaduke was also on hand to make sure this cute and romantic moment was caught by wrapping around his humans' legs - we're not sure whether he thought he was there to help or to sabotage the pictures?
We weren't out for long because it was cold, windy and were having too much fun chatting about their wedding plans. On the way home, I think we may have been more excited about their wedding that they were! And we'll be posting photos from the wedding really soon!
May 4, 2016


                  This is something new for us as we don't usually do styled shoots. Being documentary wedding photographers we don't like to pose people but we'd been talking to some really great local suppliers and we've always thought styled shoots look like they could be fun.
We would like to thank Dunedin Country House, Bows HairLove Blooms Florist and Amore Headwear, all based in Hull and East Yorkshire, for working with us. Also, special thanks to Claire O'Neal too for supplying dresses and table accessories.
Dunedin Country House in Patrington is one of our favourite Hull wedding venues. Not only do we love it's boutique style and decor, the staff are great; welcoming, professional yet totally relaxed and the service on your wedding day is actually amazing...
As you can see above, it's a bit different to the usual hotel style rooms found at a lot of venues and each room is totally different.
Bows Hair based in Anlaby have a very specific talent for making beautiful hair and makeup look totally effortless. Jenni wouldn't have been without their advice for our wedding day (and in general, her hair looks ace) and we have lots of brides who would certainly say the same, these ladies are very talented.
Amore Headwear is based in Beverley, Joanne creates bespoke jewellery pieces, here's a selection of some of our favourites :)
Then there's the inspired Love Blooms based in Beverley. Julie is really innovative with her designs and choice of colours. We love the bright styling with quirky details. If you're looking for something really unique for your flowers, Julie has so many great ideas that she would love to bring to life.
Last but not least, we need to thank our beautiful  models Holly and Tanya who were so incredible on the day that we took them to dope burger for tea!
The only thing we had in mind when putting this shoot together was fun, we wanted to see what would work and what might not in a styled wedding shoot. If we're being really critical it's a little rough around the edges but that's us all over, we love a bit of chaos and letting things work themselves out organically. Even when we plan things, we just can't seem to get away from a bit of reportage photography. :)
April 23, 2016


Here's another engagement shoot but this time back in our hometown of Hull with the lovely Unity and Chris. It was great catching up with these two who are getting married at Dunedin Country House later this year. 153 We started off by getting coffee and cake at Thieving Harry's down Humber Street in Hull - the cake was very good and Unity didn't drop any of hers on the floor... 157 We got to hear about how these guys first met which was the cutest story ever. When we were arranging our meet up for the shoot, we had mentioned first date locations are a nice idea for locations but unfortunately Hull fair wasn't really an option in the middle of Spring. 161 We decided to have a wander around the Marina area of Hull's Old Town near The Deep looking at all the new changes that are happening in the city at the moment. Chris and Alex were putting the world to rights and had managed to redesign the whole area. 165 Because we're all about documentary wedding photography we decided that re-enacting a scene from the Titanic movie was fairly casual and typical of a day out at the marina (please tell me you can sense the sarcasm in that sentence) it was hella cute though and we've opted not to embarrass them with the actual photo online ;) 169 Best not to ask too much about the next picture, which is basically the pair of them wiggling their bums in the reflection, those in the know will understand "get your bum out" haha 173 As we were talking about how much things were changing in the fruit market area, Chris was able to show us a little about his family history and showed us who it was in his family that owned the building in the picture above which is set for redevelopment in the next few months. We know we say this about almost every wedding but we're so excited to see these guys get married. We've gotten to know them quite well recently and we are so glad we have - it's great meeting lovely people, it's the best part of our job :)