February 5, 2016


Crazy weather? Lets go for a walk around the Yorkshire Sculpture Park with Laura and Tom who are getting married at Monk Fryston Hall this year with a really unique beer themed wedding. 1 It could just be that we're really excitable in general but from the moment these guys got in touch we were looking forward to their wedding. It was great to finally meet them and hear more about their plans as we'd only ever spoken over skype. 5 Their plans consist mostly of beer brewing and discussing whisky but alcohol aside there are some really lovely details and decorations that we've had a sneak peak of and can't wait to take photos of. Strangely enough, we didn't have any alcohol on this engagement shoot even though it was absolutely brisk enough for it to be required! 9 We always enjoy our visits to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, and as you've heard this one was particularly windy with various areas being shut off, it was quite a struggle getting the "classic" romantic shots but we ended up getting some hilarious "couple being blown off bridge" shots and other "hide us from the wind" shots. 13 After appreciating the sculptures by sitting on them we ran inside the deer hut which was a first visit for Alex even though he's been to the Sculpture park many times! Oh and by the way it's totally cool to sit on and interact with the Sculptures by the way, Barbara Hepworth's daughter says so! 17 The top left photo below is a modern art photo taken by Alex, you'll have to visit the sculpture park yourself to see if you can figure out where/what it is ;) 21 Do you know anyone that has an amazing themed wedding being planned? Send them our way, we love weird people, or was it eccentric? Either is fine with us! :)
January 29, 2016


That time of the year again where we head down to London to see if any of our suppliers have new and fantastic things we can get our hands on for you wedding couples. 25 We arrived in London and were suitably impressed with the subtle advertising for cheeseburgers, I have problem enough resisting without this kind of not-so-subliminal marketing. We also had a weird selfie moment with what looks like Damien Lovegrove? We only noticed after we took the picture. 29 We've been on the look out for new products and ideas for our new wedding packages which is one of the main benefits of going to trade fairs. Our album suppliers G.F Smith Photographic were there and had a really elegant simple stand that showed their high quality yet straight forward products nicely. It was great to see our images being used in some of their samples. It's always great talking to the guys from G.F Smith, it really is a great company and we possibly feel an affinity with them because of that Hull connection - no nonsense, friendly and honest. 33 Surprisingly there are very few photos of the evening social, meeting with loads of other photographers (there are loads of us, we took over the pub and held their empty tables hostage) we ended (I say we, I mean Jenni) ended up fairly drunk after an attempt to drink more than one cocktail. Another stop on our to do list was to visit our favourite photobook shop "Photo Books International" but it has close which really is a shame, we used to spend ages in there speaking to the guy about the new books he had in. It was a real treasure trove and we don't think we'll find another bookshop like that. We had a couple of ours to kill before heading back to the station, just enough time for Jenni to pop into the huge Lush store and spent a good £100 in there on products, which will explain why she always smells so nice. Then we had a look at The Photographers Gallery round the corner and tootled off to Tate Modern to argue about abstract paintings before heading home. Married life.
January 24, 2016


Saltmarshe Hall were having a wedding open day and as we'd recently booked clients at this wedding venue we thought we should pop over and have another look. 37 Jenni had photographed a wedding here but I hadn't visited before so we asked Charlotte if it would be ok to pop in and have a nosey and take some discreet photos. 41 As you can see this is a really beautiful venue and I'm seriously impressed. It has similar styling to another local venue we've shot at (Rise Hall) but with a bit more charm and intimacy. The finish on the decor is really something, it feels light and airy but still maintains it's heritage. 45 It seems a bit silly, but look at these radiators! The full house from top to bottom carries these little details through and you'll feel like you're in an interior design magazine, with the wedding dressing added to the rooms it just exudes luxury. 49 As for the grounds there isn't really much missing, the gardens are well designed and ideal for guests to hang out in, great views and also some secret garden areas, the space is used very well and offers many options for wedding photographs and more. 53 It was great to bump into this year's and past year's clients who were looking with their families at the venue, as well as waving at the random couple who were looking out of an upstairs window while we took these outside photos. Wedding dressing by https://www.alloccasionsflorists.co.uk/ Wedding venue if you've missed the headline is https://www.saltmarshehall.com/ Those lovely looking musicians are https://www.eventmusic.co.uk/ If we can take these photos on a grey day in January then just imagine what it will be like in the summer.
January 19, 2016


Elena and Matthew will soon to be getting married at Beverley Minster followed by a reception at Rowley Manor.They had traveled up from London to finalise a few details at the venue where we met them in person for the first time, on what was an extremely blustery day. 57 Rowley Manor is one of our favourite wedding venues in Hull and Beverley, it's got such a warm and classic feel with Georgian features and details. It seems to certainly suit Elena and Matthew with their plans. We'd love to tell you but we're thinking it would be easier to show you the wedding photos! 61 Now this was a short and sweet photo shoot, considering it was too windy for Matthew to put his umbrella up and Jenni was close to being carried away in the gale, we decided to make our way back inside. 65 Then it was a case of having a chat about the solar system, hacking, northern lights... sorry, we mean wedding plans... We're very much looking forward to this wedding, dragons and all! 69 This will be a great start to our year and return to Rowley Manor whatever the weather brings!