January 13, 2016


Lisa and John got married at Cave Castle near Hull, the weather might not have been perfect, but the rest of the day was. Here's a selection of some of their pictures. 1 These guys are friends of ours, it was so lovely to be at their wedding while capturing their day. We first found out that John had a girlfriend when it was made official via the traditional method of changing your relationship status on Facebook. As John is quite quiet about this sort of stuff, the announcement lead to Alex and his friends (all grown men) phoning each other up to ask about this mystery woman. 5 We soon got to know Lisa well and before we knew it, we were watching her and John getting married. 9 Bridal prep was fairly chilled with everybody laughing and chatting but things got a little emotional when the dress went on. As usual, hands and arms everywhere, putting a wedding dress on is no simple matter! haha 13 John chose his brother Will to be his best man. Will and John are polar opposites which worried a lot of people, John is mild mannered and quiet, Will however...not so much :) That being said, seeing the two of them waiting for the bride at the head of the aisle was very sweet. Will looked very proud and John looked a little nervous but that's understandable isn't it? :) 17 Things continued to be emotional during and after the ceremony too. And as we like to see the speeches were the appropriate length, no 1 hour+ endurance speeches for these guys! :) 21 We wondered how John would cope with a bit of public speaking considering he's rather shy but it was a blinder: short, sweet and very sincere. Then there was the best man's speech, we don't think anyone has ever been heckled by their own mother at a wedding before, so congratulations to Will for winning that title and for using the time honoured kilt power stance (legs apart, hands on hips.) 25 The evening reception got a bit silly, in the best sort of way of course. We weren't too sure what would happen in the evening as usually, you have a first dance, but that wasn't going to be part of the plan, in-fact it was an absolute defacto "no" from John. 29 It was getting quite late into the evening, Lisa had been dancing the night away with friends, John was chatting in the other room so we thought we'd call it a day and head home. It was just as we packed away our lights that John decided to surprise Lisa with a dance. Just look at that last photo and how much it made her entire day. We know John well and he does not dance. Ever. So if you want to see some real love, these last photos whilst fairly normal to most show to all his friends and family exactly how much Lisa means to him. :)
January 8, 2016


After a week of settling into 2016, we've been feeling rather nostalgic. Last year, we met and photographed some of the sweetest people we could ever wish to meet. We seem to be lucky like that and get all the best brides and grooms! Thank you all so much for having us at your wedding to photograph your day, you made 2015 a complete blast. 33 Thank you to everyone who has supported us last year, whether you booked us for your wedding or just liked a picture on Facebook or told a friend about us, it means a lot. 37 2015 was a super mega crazy silly year for us. We got our first house together back in March, we got two seriously cute kittens in May, we had essentially a two week wedding at the end of October and said goodbye to another hero in December. It was officially the year of trying to be actual grown ups, anyone else feel like that? We've been glad of the Christmas break, looking forward to what this year will bring us and decided we should probably brace ourselves for what looks to be our busiest year to date. We've been listening carefully to our future couples' plans and we cannot wait to see their ideas come to life. We now truly appreciate the work that goes into planning a wedding and we salute you in your brave quest! (ok maybe that was a little grand but you get what we mean) 41 Getting married is an amazing experience, here's a couple of photos of us at our wedding in Prague - we still feel so lucky to have had such a perfect day. Our photos were taken by our good friend Henry Lowther :)
December 18, 2015


Before our wedding, Jenni received a surprise parcel, she knew something was up because I was taking photos of her, and this isn't a common occurrence every time the post comes, we're weird but not that weird :) 45 Check out the confused look on her face, this is the look I get when I'm doing something stupid so I'm quite used to it. Obviously this time it was because I was taking photos of her. I explained that I'd been talking to the guys at Fuji and telling them about our wedding in Prague and that I was going to get an Instax mini 90 so that we didn't come back with loads of editing to do. We had a professional photographer booked, but we knew we were going to want to take our own at some point! Can't stop, Won't stop! Being lovely they said they'd sort us out with one for our trip if we'd send them some photos, how cool is that? (probably helps we've bought a number of fuji cameras in our time) 49 The wedding bundle is pretty cool, you get a Fuji Instax 300 Wide camera with 60 shots, a guest book with good old fashioned picture corners and a pen. It also comes with a really interesting box according to our kitten, Beetlejuice. 53
So we have a happy Beetlejuice and a happy Jen, I'll be honest and say we didn't expect a wedding pack and we thought an instax 90 was coming in the post, so when we got the instax 300 wide were were quite entertained, it is huge! haha

So here we are after the wedding and looking through our photos, I'd picked up an Instax mini 90 off t'interwebs and Fuji actually sent us an even smaller Instax in baby blue haha! We decided to hand out the cameras out to family and friends to take photos throughout the day. And I carried the Instax mini 90 with me most of the time in it's retro vintage looking leather holder. Along with my suit this made me look very hip according to the bridesmaids. 57 Our favourite pictures from the Instax 300 wide are actually the portraits and group shots. Instax and instant photography is kind of made for standing with your best friends and your family, smiling for the camera and then passing the picture around to laugh at the one person who can't keep their eyes open. 61 That being said, they do make fairly decent landscape pictures too... 65 We love all of our photos from the day, we love the nostalgic element of having these tiny photos you examine with a smile on your face. Something you can instantly hold and pass around. The exposure on some of the pictures is kind of crazy, there are a couple of blank faces because of the flash and there are some that are a little dark, but that all adds to the charm and experimental feel of using these cameras, genuinely not knowing what your photo is going to look like. 69 Winnie loves having her photo taken and has made herself an opportunity to get in front of the camera as usual. (I suspect she was jealous that beetlejuice featured in pt1) 73 Above is the Fuji instax wide 300, you can purchase it by itself or as part of the wedding pack, we'd recommend this for parties, where you take the photo, put it in the supplied album and your guests can write something nice next to it, it's a bit big to carry around casually but big enough that it draws attention in a great silly fashion for some straight forward portrait style moments. 77 Here's the mini 8, it's cheaper than the mini 90 and it is super easy to use, it uses the same mini instax film and comes in a number of colours, if you're after something to carry around that is fun and makes people curious this is it. 81 And this is our favourite, it fits in with our documentary wedding style, it's definitely an instax but has a classic camera look, so people are curious but there's a certain familiarity about it, it's lightweight, takes 20 photos per film cartridge (like the mini 8) and has some creative options like double exposure. Honestly for size, fun and creativity I'd say these cameras are spot on and the fact you can get a cool case for it definitely helps :) I can't wait to see what they release in the future and i'm sure we'll blog about it if they do! Thanks again fuji. <3
December 1, 2015


This is the wonderful wedding of Jess and Iqbal who got married at the Royal York Hotel, right in the heart of York city centre. 85 Jess and Iqbal are doctors, superheroes and just some of the loveliest people you will ever meet. We loved their chilled out day with classic styling of pinks and cream flowers with candelabras, ivy and pearls in a really classic elegant location. 89 Jess is particularly rock and roll since only hours before getting ready for the wedding, she was saving someone's life in A&E on a late shift. She tells the story way better than we could but we simply couldn't believe what we were hearing. Whilst we were still in shock from the story, the primary concern for Jess was breakfast and making us cups of tea(?) totally normal, possibly the most calm a bride has ever been! Next on the bridal prep agenda was watching The Rock lip-sync to Taylor Swift "Shake It Off" (look it up on youtube) 93 Meanwhile, a slightly nervous Iqbal waited and greeted the arriving family and friends whilst Jess who had stayed over the night before got her things together and strolled down to the wedding room for what was a beautiful ceremony. 97 The wedding was conducted by the awesome York registrars and was one of our favourite registrar's last weddings before retiring. It was a happy glowing ceremony with views out onto the York Minster however, we suspect Jess and Iqbal had other things on their mind. 101 We then headed over to St Mary's Abbey and the Museum Gardens near the York Hospitium for a wander. Iqbal told us that it was here that he proposed to Jess and how much this was a special place for them as a couple. 105 The whole wedding day had been planned with entertainment in mind, with bubbles, giant backgammon, a castle, swing ball and nerf guns... we think this was mostly for the children but the grown ups joined in. Even we joined in, our attempt at swing ball was shameful to be fair, probably should have stuck to the backgammon. 109 We love how the focus for this wedding was well and truly about family and friends, the speeches were heartfelt and came with a little surprise for some, with the news that Jess and Iqbal were expecting a baby. It was a surprise for us too when we found out at the beginning of the day! 113 The evening reception consisted mostly of searching for nerf gun pellets, photographing grown adults get their own back on the for sneaky nerf attacks earlier in the day from the young ushers and then there was dancing. Lots and lots of dancing. 117 We shoot a lot of weddings for doctors and nurses, they seem to be our sort of people, kind, tolerant, carefree, have similar disdain for Jeremy Hunt and totally let loose when they get the chance. A good day had by all :) Keep an eye on our wedding gallery for more pictures from this wedding and others :)