October 4, 2015


Return of the good weather! 1 So we had a word with the powers that be and they decided for this shoot they'd give us an awesome sunset... 5 We met with Lisa and John after they'd finished work and rushed over to the Beverley Westwood to grab some of these shots before the sun disappeared over the horizon 9 Considering John is usually quite camera shy and a bit of quiet chap he did well getting straight into it. You'll have seen our style by now, put two people together and see what happens... and as you can see, this happened :) 13 It's nice when two people just like being near other isn't it? John has a very dry sense of humour and I think Lisa was trying to get him back with some romantic cheek kissing, it's a lovely awkward kind of chemistry, pretty much the same as Jenni and I. 17 We hung around chatting about the day until the sun decided to leave us and then we headed over to the Molescroft Inn for some rather large cheeseburgers... Good Times! :)
September 17, 2015


So our run of particularly good luck with the weather had to run out eventually but still we carried on! 21 We'd planned to meet at the Humber Bridge and on the way it seemed overcast but fair, however when we got there we found that all the rain that had been hanging in the sky over summer decided it was going to visit us. 25 Leah and Andrew were both brave enough to have a walk about in this weather even after they had had their hair done. It ended up being very soggy and quite silly but lots of fun, with rain dripping off noses, puddle dodging and finding shelter in tunnels and under trees as best we could. 29 We're not completely mental so this wasn't a particularly long couple shoot but we still got some great photos and had plenty of time to chat and get to know each other better. For those who are a bit geeky a lot of these photos were taken at 12,800 iso which is amazing, really shows what investing in great professional cameras opens up for us, keeping us prepared for almost anything :)
September 14, 2015


This was a gorgeous summer wedding with perfect weather for an outdoor ceremony at Dunedin Country House in Patrington. 33 Alex popped over to the groom prep down the road from the venue to find all the guys were already ready! This meant plenty of time to sit, chat and take the rest of the morning at a leisurely pace 37 Jenni found completely the opposite with the girls just chilling out completely unphased by the concept of "bridal prep." Anyway, somewhere after two bottles of bubbly and much southern humour they all magically transformed and were good to go. 41 Looking elegant and composed, Katy managed the steps down to the lawn gracefully and met with her father for the short walk towards Ray. However on that short walk she lost it and got the giggles which fitted well with the light hearted Humanist ceremony these guys had chosen. 45 The ceremony was beautiful and flawless apart from Ray's minor hiccup of putting the "fing on the ringer" which in true Yorkshire style no-one let him forget for the rest of the day. 49 Soaking up the sunshine in the gardens, the guests were very relaxed and chatty. This was a perfect way to spend a wedding giving us plenty of opportunity to take natural documentary photos. 53 Another set of emotional speeches this time round but very cheerful with occasional inappropriateness thrown in for good measure (yes it was the best men) 57 The evening got a bit weird and we loved it, we had the Macarena at about 4x normal speed expertly danced to by 4 young ladies and then a full on dance off that the girls obviously won despite some rather uncomfortable frog hopping by a gent in a kilt....and we all know what they wear under there don't we? Keep an eye on our wedding gallery for more pictures from this wedding and others :)
September 6, 2015


I'm really excited to show people these pictures, it's a little different to all the wedding we've been posting and it's something I'll be doing more of hopefully :) This is documentary family photography, the photos are natural and are not posed or directed. 61 This is Henry and Autumn, they are super lovely kids who had a busy Sunday picking lavender, saying hello to their neighbour's chickens and going to meet their grandparents down at the allotment. This is how their day went: 65 We were pretty lucky with the weather that day, getting ready was a pretty important part of the day, equipped with sun cream and sun hats, we left the house and made our way over to their neighbour's house. 69 The plan was to pick lavender and make lavender oil and cakes, but Margaret's house and garden was full of distractions. Henry told me all about the chickens and, their names and where they lay their eggs. It was time for lunch so we headed over to the allotments nearby, the car journey was seriously cute with Autumn singing "twinkle twinkle little star" before falling fast asleep. When we arrived, the kids ran on ahead to meet their granddad. 73 First things first was to get something to eat and drink, juice and pizza then cake! Cake is serious business, just look at the concentration in those faces. We sat in the sun and listened to a ukulele band playing everything from R Kelly to Flaming Lips. Henry won two prizes in the raffle; I'm not sure how he felt about his first prize as it was a rather unusual looking gnome. The second prize he won was a really awesome drawing set. 77

These two are so sweet, the partners in crime went off hand in hand to explore a little further. I love the photos here as they look like something out of a children's story book.

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