September 2, 2015


As described by the bride Helen, this Kirkstall Abbey and Tee-Pee wedding over at Wharfedale Grange was "pinterest come alive" :) 1 Even though Helen had put a lot of effort into all the details for this wedding, she was a remarkably relaxed bride sitting in her chair at the luxurious Rudding Park Hotel getting her glamorous make-over and watching her fairytale come to life in a leisurely fashion. Could she be the most beautiful girl in the world? 5 Instead of a little red corvette the girls hopped on to one of their double decker buses along with the father of the bride. The guys in the mean time were finishing preparations at the abbey. Giant balloons were inflated, popcorn was handed out, bubbly was being poured and a ukelele band playing random covers pretty much set the scene for this quirky wedding, clearly a sign o' the times :) 9 The bride arrived and took the long walk down the aisle enjoying the breeze on a beautiful sunny day whilst Richard stood patiently at the front holding their son Leo. Opting for a humanist ceremony, the couple literally tied the knot in traditional fashion and the rings were blessed by all before sealing the deal with a kiss. 13 After the ceremony, everyone decided to go uptown to Wharfedale Grange, for afternoon tea with traditional sandwiches, Pimms and scones with jam and cream. Rather than diamonds and pearls Helen's choice of decorations fitted in nicely with the tee-pee and farm location. There were vintage tea sets, hay bales to sit on and fun party games from 1999like guess who, jenga and connect 4. 17 The best man was a bit delirious and almost lost his head about doing his speech, and was obviously a bit nervous but in the end must have thought let's go crazy and did a good job keeping everyone entertained keeping it personal and fun. The hugging photo below shows a real I feel for you moment. (has anyone figured out what we're doing yet?) 21 The rest of the day was really chilled out with the guests and kids taking full advantage of the surroundings and summer evening vibes. We adore these types of moments where everyone is having fun, paddling in mud pools, and er... wearing David Bowie masks? 25 These guys chose purple rain for their first dance which was really sweet as Richard proposed at a Prince concert. Helen's dad and his band then set-up and played a few classics to get the party going. After a few drinks, cigars and with lots of dancing to Grease megamix it turns out Richard is quite the partyman. 29 If this blog seems like we've lost the plot there's a good explanation for it, have you ever tried putting Prince song titles in a romantic wedding blog? :P Never doing this again, this madness was just for you Richard and Helen! Keep an eye on our wedding gallery for more pictures from this wedding and others :)
August 26, 2015


This day was long, so very long, but also awesome. Normally we get on really well with our clients, we end up being genuine friends and this is what makes our photography work so well. With these guys it wasn't just the couple and a few guests we clicked with but the entire wedding party, everyone made us feel like family and it shows. 33 The day was non stop, the guys got up early and went for breakfast, sorted out some flowers, got hair cuts, somehow managed to find a shop open to get some massive balloons inflated and all before casually getting dressed for a busy day. 37 The ladies were also on it, bridal prep was in full flow at The KP Club and as you can see it was a group affair, taking deliveries, sorting out garters, pouring champagne, eating many haribo and then slowing it all down to chill out for a moment and take in that the wedding day was really about to get started. 41 Zoe looked beautiful and elegantly glided down the stairs to greet her dad who was stunned. The guys were now starting to loose a bit of the calm and relaxed vibe although mark insisted that he wasn't nervous. It was a packed ceremony room with the registrar having to make "health and safety" adjustments because there were so many people waiting to see these two tie the knot. 45 These two are childhood sweethearts and the room was so still during the vows with the hesitant expectation of watching a couple who've been together since they were young teenagers finally happening. Once the vows and the speeches had broken the suspense there was an eruption of happiness from everyone and the atmosphere was electric. 49 These guys knew the score and kept their group shots to a minimum and chilled out with their guests enjoying their day instead of spending hours lining up for formalities. Oh and did we mention Mark arrived at the venue in his new tractor? We're not normally one for particularly posey shots but I have no idea how to casually drop a tractor into wedding photos....answers on a postcard if you've got any ideas haha. 53 Now the speeches were intense, I'll fess up here, this is the only wedding I have ever been choked up at, Mark almost had me in tears during the ceremony whilst his voice was trembing saying his vows but the Groom's speech, Jesus, this got me and everyone, i managed to stay composed but Jenni had lost it. Seriously, best Grooms speech ever. From the heart, tender, honest and emotional words. Look at the photos. 57 In contrast, no-one was crying at the night do, I could waffle on but all I'll say is that these guys seriously party and we wouldn't have it any other way :) 61 Keep an eye on our wedding gallery for more pictures from this wedding and others :)
August 23, 2015


So as you can probably tell from the first photo, this couple weren't the most serious couple we've ever photographed. Lois and John are a lovely relaxed couple with a great zest for life who had a fantastic sunny wedding day over at the KP Club in Pocklington. 65 Groom prep was a casual affair with the guys recovering from the night before yet looking fairly fresh considering the box of Peroni next to the hot-tub 69 Bridal prep was fun, it was mainly about the girls so the young lads got fairly bored pretty quickly but did well at the waiting game. After the hair and make up was done it was time to get Lois into her dress, normally this is quite a tender moment but Lois being prone to laughing at everything meant that whilst everyone else was taking this seriously, she was in stitches attempting to get herself together as a "proper bride" 73 Even though these guys are totally relaxed most of the time, there was definitely a little nervousness in the air from both of them. As Lois entered the room there were gasps from everyone and john practically ran back down the aisle to grab her. 77 After a great ceremony full of smiles, which started with everyone winding the registrars up by playing their favourite ringtones when told to turn their phones off and pretending to take photos when they shouldn't have, the couple and all the guests spent the next hour or so relaxing in the sun on the balcony and terrace. 81 Lois almost knocked the TV over walking into the speeches and as expected laughed at everything, literally, everything. This was also noted in the best man's speech, when he mentioned even if he wasn't funny with Lois as his top cheerleader it was always going to go well. 85 The night do as expected unfolded with much drink and partying, the first dance was intimate and loving with a traditional slow dance followed by both the bride and groom getting changed into something more comfortable so they could rip up the dance floor. Yes there was YMCA and Oops upside your head and also Proud Mary but we're going to be kind and leave those photos off the blog ;) 89 Keep an eye on our wedding gallery for more pictures from this wedding and others :)
August 17, 2015


You might remember these guys from our Yorkshire Sculpture Park pre-wedding shoot. Alice and Chris were married at St George's church in Leeds with a reception at the Yorkshire Sculpture park :) 93 Bridal prep started early in Horsforth, Leeds at the couples' newly moved into house which they had already decorated with printed photos from their adventures together and our pre-wedding shoot! 97 Cups of tea and lots and lots of hairspray was the order of the day with the bridesmaids buzzing around Alice as everyone got ready. Dad managed to dress himself and got the approval of all the ladies. We loved the vibrant colours for this wedding with teal bridesmaids dresses and orange hand crotched jewellery to match the fabulous flowers. 101 As we're documentary photographers we don't set up a "first look" shot but took this photo of the father looking exceedingly proud of Alice in her dress as it happened, looking around the room and back at the photos it's clear to see that it wasn't just the father that was overwhelmed with pride, the mother and all the bridesmaids all went a bit quiet as Alice stood there unaware of how elegant she looked uttering "it's all a bit ridiculous really isn't it?" and "this is hilarious" 105 Now I'd like to say that the guys knew what they were doing, but honestly it was all a bit of a mish mash, with advice on how to buttonhole being sought from anyone and everyone. Once the buttonholes were on though the ushers actually started to do their jobs (which is a bit of a rarity) and everyone looked the part helping to organise quite a large ceremony. Chris in the meantime was busy meeting and greeting everyone, keeping cool and composed before moving inside to wait for his bride. 109 As you can see the bridesmaids were all waiting at the church when the VW Beetle love bug popped round the corner carrying a super calm Alice. Her sisters reactions were super cute and much fussing was to be had, flattening the dress and sorting the veil even though realistically, Alice looked perfect. 113 As usual the images do the speaking, there was a lot of love for these guys as they said their vows, and for quite a quirky couple the ceremony was quite traditional with a mini reception at St Georges with tea and cake balanced out with a modern reception over at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. We took a lovely walk around the park and it's contemporary art sculptures, pondering the meaning of life and "what is art?" Then we headed over to the main building to see their guests and partake in some pimms in the gardens and on the terrace. 117 This was a really full wedding day and we haven't shown even half of what went on so head over to their gallery here to see more from this beautiful day.