July 26, 2015


This was a toasty day out by the sea, potentially it could have poured but the sun was out for us. Essentially, as well as photographers we're good luck weather charms (well, most of the time). 1 These guys had a special spot on the ever changing East Yorkshire coastline where Ray proposed to Katie, we didn't know it would be quite this picturesque. 17 It took a bit of climbing to get us onto the beach but Max the dog sorted us out, guiding the way down fearlessly. We were a little less used to climbing up and down the cliffs than these three, it was quite funny juggling our cameras at the same time. 13 We dropped in a couple of those classic looking out to sea poses because they're hella romantic and they actually ended up being really cute (see below) 9 A bit of attempting to skim pebbles off the water, something everyone managed at least once, apart from Jenni who seemed to think she was trying out for Olympic shot-put. 5 As you can see, these guys are quite adventurous so looking forward to their wedding at Dunedin Country House in Patrington very soon!
July 10, 2015


We did this shoot before we launched the new website, the clue is in the last photo where everything is very autumnal! It was a pretty perfect day for a walk around the Yorkshire Sculpture Park in Wakefield, it's also one of our favourite places to visit which was a bonus for us. Alice and Chris will be getting married tomorrow at St George's Church in Leeds before heading off to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park for the wedding reception. 21 It was a really relaxed morning out and about chatting about art, regional accents, university and travel. It's a fairly broad spectrum of subjects which meant we ended up wandering further than we were probably supposed to in the park. 25 This bridge entertained us, there's probably something deep and artistic about it but we just liked that it's a laughing bridge, "hahaha" 29 Alice and Chris are quite shy so I've no idea why they were dancing next to the river, maybe we told them to do it, maybe we said there would be sweets involved if they completed their task, super cute though isn't it? :D 33 Possibly one of our favourite sculptures in the park is the live performance piece by Greyworld UK, we love how the sound it creates is triggered by movement and not many people realise the artwork is interactive, so of course we all had to have a go. Synchronised jumping FTW! 37 Actually adorable, we're really looking forward to tomorrow :)
July 3, 2015


This was a really cute pre-wedding shoot for Helen and Richard who are getting married at Kirkstall Abbey then onto Wharfdale Grange in Harewood very soon. They had picked this location at Harlow Carr gardens for their pre-wedding shoot, which as you can see is really beautiful. 41 Richard proposed to Helen when they went to see Prince last year during the song Purple Rain - instantly this made these two extremely cool. 45 Introducing Leo and Bunny, as you can see Leo is a right little character and was rather curious about our cameras. Alex had made a new best friend :) 49 We found this awesome tree-house where Alex decided to lay on his front on the ground in what was once a white polo shirt to get these photos haha 53 Finding the tree-house was quite handy considering the sudden downpour and after briefly taking shelter we decided to head back to the car.. but we all ended up being completely drenched anyway. 57 Funny thing is, it stopped raining as soon as we got in the car. Sods law really but we didn't care, we had some awesome photos :)
July 1, 2015


Lois and John are getting married next week at the KP Club in Pocklington so we met up with them this week for a few photos and a catch up. They had us in stitches for most of this shoot and Alex found a new warhammer buddy. 61 First up was the lemon cheesecake and Victorian lemonade 65 Then a bit of a wander over to startle some sheep and pose like Japanese tourists. 69 Jenni managed to get us all completely lost in the woods in search for a secret garden 73 And to explain the next few shots: this was an illustrated lesson in how not to pose on your wedding day 77 When life gives you lemon cheesecake...