June 21, 2015


Knowing where to start explaining this post is almost impossible, I've been asked by the family to put something together to share on social media so I'll do my best and hope I do Josh justice. My friend and past client Leah dropped me a message to say her brother had passed away and would I take photographs at his funeral, I adore this family and they're genuinely friends of mine so of course I was going to say yes. Before the funeral I knew Josh had a far reach of friendships, I'm 32 and he was 18 when he passed and before Leah had even messaged me I was seeing posts appearing on my facebook wall with outpourings of grief at his passing, it hadn't even really clicked with me exactly who it was when I was seeing these posts until Leah messaged me. 1 I used to be an alternative and rock/metal dj at Spiders Nightclub amongst other Hull city centre venues and we must have had some mutual friends on facebook which is why I was seeing this wave of memories of Josh in my newsfeed,  I knew he was well loved before I arrived but seeing large groups of people either side of the procession just truly brought home how much people loved Josh and how much he would be missed. 5 Josh's family true to their usual form, whilst obviously in deep mourning were intent on celebrating his life and through some tears we managed to crack a few jokes about him as he was carried through to the chapel. His coffin was awesome and I know for a fact many of his friends have already decided they want something similar. 9 A filled chapel sat and listened to stories from Josh's life, a mixture of deep laughter and tears as we heard about the unique person Josh was and the love he honestly shared with many. 13 Whilst many were reflecting and saying goodbye I had overheard a couple of people who don't usually see eye to eye talking about putting it behind them, I hope they do because as we know life is too short. The funeral and everything about it truly paid tribute to what can only be described as a "good guy" the love between people of many ages and stories being passed between family and friends at the pub afterwards just reflected what being awesome can really do for people. Be awesome like Josh; be friendly, loving, peaceful, slightly odd, accepting of peoples differences and learn Russian, listen to alternative music from other cultures like Japan and also Norway where his ashes are to be scattered and most of all please keep smiling. 17 I'm not really sure what else to say apart from my thoughts as always are with Leah and her family and I hope these photographs show how much of an impact Josh clearly had on people and how much he was loved. 21
June 16, 2015


Dog. Beach. Sun. Couple. Well that could have been the end of this blog because frankly that pretty much describes it, however it's good to be a bit more descriptive so here's some more details ;) 25 Zoe and Mark decided on Bridlington beach because they wanted to get a few photos of them with their dog Rodney, who is absolutely adorable. Their wedding is in a few weeks time at The KP Club in Pocklington and they're just in the process of finalising details. The pre-wedding shoot is a great opportunity for us to catch up and make sure everything is cool :) 29 Rodney is an odd dog, very sweet but a bit odd, you see he really couldn't care less for treats and is all about his walks and running and his ball. Give him a treat to sit still? Nope, not a chance. So we left Allyson (Zoe's mum) to dog-sit and we went for a walk along the promenade. It was quite funny seeing Rodney taking Allyson for a paddle by the sea in the distance (sorry Allyson!) 33 As you can see, we were lucky with the weather, wouldn't guess it was Bridlington would you? We like to keep things quite relaxed and genuine so found some places to sit and chat, took some photos looking all romantic and then back to the beach to be reunited with a soggy dog! 37 A few more ball throws later and the sun had got a lot lower in the sky which provided us with some stunning backlit couple shots to go with the others. This couple told us they were a bit nervous but ended up being naturals in front of the camera. 41 So there's our latest pre-wedding shoot: proof that it's easy, relaxed and fun AND that the sun shines in East Yorkshire sometimes. It was great to get to know these guys a little better, and we're really looking forward to their wedding :)
May 30, 2015


Two of Alex's friends finally decided to get married which is very sweet in itself but then being asked to shoot their wedding was even better! We hopped over from the East Yorkshire area to become York Wedding Photographers for the day at the really quite special York Pavilion Hotel. In between remembering old times and laughing at each other for being all dressed up for a serious occasion we got down to taking some photos! 45 Obviously being friends, we love these guys but the wedding was full of quirky and vintage details and the venue was the perfect setting. Katie had beautiful hand-made feather bouquets, vintage hair pieces and Irregular Choice shoes because basically, she's super cool. 49 Being a January wedding, it was cold and raining but the hotel was warm and cozy with lit fires. The guys were practicing their speeches and trying to figure out ways to cure colds before the ceremony and Alex had a great time reminiscing with them, there were plenty of stories I hadn't heard before, that's for sure! This wedding in all of it's classic elegance was screaming out for a black and white set; the bride and groom loved the photos, commenting on how happy they were to have chosen us not only because we're friends but for our documentary style. 53 There are a few cheekier ones in the full set and lots more to see in our wedding gallery but if you're thinking of booking or have any questions just get in touch, we'd love to hear from you :) 57 Just look at their lovely faces...
May 18, 2015


A bright start to a fantastic day at Owen House Wedding Barn with Danielle and Matthew, this was the sort of wedding we love; very chilled out couple and easy going guests with lots to see. Here's just a snippet of their day... We're usually Yorkshire wedding photographers but this time we'd been invited over to Cheshire which was great, we love to travel and experience new venues and for our first time shooting here it couldn't have been better. On our way over, we were a little worried about the weather but the fog cleared and we were left with a perfectly sunny day to match the spring yellow theme in spring time surroundings. Oh, and it was Easter Sunday, hence the tiny chicks in the table decor. 61 This venue is amazing if you're ever thinking of getting married in Cheshire, the guys running the place have thought of every detail from the rustic bar and twinkly lights to the food and attentive staff. It's also a working farm, so you get to go out and see the cows and sheep just chilling. We loved shooting this wedding as the couple were happy for us to document the day as it unfolded, everyone was enjoying the sun and we got chatting to some great people. 65 The super sweet bridesmaids who put loads of effort into the final touches and lovely light along with outrageous friends made this one of our top weddings. 69 We've got some more pictures from this wedding over in our wedding gallery or if you're interested in booking us and wanted to see the full wedding or any others just get in contact, we can have a no obligation chat to see if we're right for you and then get your date secured. 73 Obviously no wedding is complete without a bit of sheep feeding and bouquet throwing :)