January 28, 2015


Great weekend at the Hornington Manor wedding fayre, bookings coming in already and new friends made, here's some photos and more from us after the jump! :) 1 So whilst trying not to eat all of our sweets and everyone else's, we managed to: sample some pimms with Taste Cuisine; chat to the other friendly photographers (hey Joe + Lissa); discuss vintage with Rosy Apple Creations decor, design and wedding planning; move some furniture with fastidious-life planning; appreciate the rather good cups of tea on offer from the venue and on top of that I think Jenni has found a new hairdresser. Unsurprisingly, the team at Hornington Manor were excellent and the day was really fun, we really like talking wedding plans and hearing everyone's different ideas, traditions and inspiration for their big day. While we were there we also took a quick set of pocket photos around the place before brides and grooms started to arrive.
January 22, 2015


Hornington Manor Wedding Fair - Sunday 25th of January - 11am to 3pm 5 Hello! We are rather looking forward to being a part of the wedding fair held at Hornington Manor in Bolton Percy this weekend. Not only is it a beautiful venue in beautiful surroundings, the team are lovely and are passionate about making your wedding day super special. This is our first wedding fair here and we will be there as our usual silly selves on hand to answer questions about wedding photography, discuss wedding plans and we'll also have plenty of photographs and sample albums for future brides and grooms to look through. We will also have  chocolate. You only have to look at the Hornington Manor facebook page and twitter feed to know that this wedding fair has been carefully thought out with excellent suppliers. It's going to be well worth the visit. Now onto a bit of shameless self promotion - we've finally set up a brand new dedicated facebook page of our own and we'll be in need of likes and shares! Click here for the link See you Sunday?
January 1, 2015



2014 was a crazy year for us, we took on the Authentic Photo studio in Beverley which was an interesting challenge away from wedding photography, turning our hand to lifestyle, editorial, commercial, product and boudoir photography. Thank you to everyone who supported us with the venture last year, we will be continuing with Authentic Photo work but we are no longer at the Flemingate location. More details on where we're moving to will all be revealed soon :)

We shot many beautiful weddings and met many lovely couples, their families and their friends, we'd like to thank everyone who has booked us, recommended us, been a friendly face at a wedding or simply enjoyed seeing our photos. It really has been a pleasure to share such a special occasion with so many of you.

We would like to wish everyone the very best for 2015, it's shaping up to be an exciting year - we have some wonderful weddings to photograph and our very own wedding in Prague to attend! We're still figuring out our plans, planning a wedding is hard! How do you all manage it?!

If you're still looking to book your wedding photographer for 2015 or 2016, we still have some dates available and we recommend that you contact us for further details. Despite struggling with our own wedding plans, we're also here to answer any questions you may have about wedding photography or recommendations for local venues and suppliers around York and Beverley.

So, here's to 2015, it's going to be awesome!

December 9, 2014


Hello! We may look like a shiny new wedding photography company but in actual fact Alex and I have been photographing people's weddings for a happy 6 years and counting as "Alex Smith Images." 1 We're getting married next year in Prague, can't actually wait... but that's a story for another time! With this in the pipeline, there's been much discussion over the tradition of the bride taking the groom's name. Alex and I aren't the most conventional people but when it comes to weddings and marriage type stuff, we can sometimes find ourselves a sucker for tradition. However, Cluskey is a fairly rare name and my generation of Cluskeys are all girls, meaning the name would no longer continue if I took Alex's surname. The obvious choice then was to double-barrel the name but weren't happy with both of us having different names. In the end we decided that sharing both our names is the way forward, especially as we work together too - hence, Cluskey-Smith Weddings :) We really hope you enjoy our photos on our shiny new website, we'll be posting more weddings in our blog section in the future and also a little about our experience of planning a wedding. In a sickeningly sweet fashion we've written a little about each other here if you want to read a little more about us.