Documentary Family Photography

We’ve tried doing the whole white background studio photography thing and the babies in plant pots thing but it’s not really for us. People are fascinating doing their everyday ordinary thing, this is why we all love people watching. Capturing moments where people are simply being themselves are our favourite photographs because they are a true reflection of real personalities and experiences.

Our family and life documentary photography aims to capture real moments that trigger memories rather than staged, formal images that don’t say much about you and your family and friends. So there won’t be any backdrops or props and lots of lighting rigs and you won’t be asked to wear certain things, take your shoes off or do anything “whacky,” you just do your own thing and photos are taken along the way.

Whilst Alex focuses on the majority of the wedding shenanigans and Authentic photo, I (Jenni, hi!) will be leading on this project 🙂

There are several packages on offer for various amounts of coverage ranging from 2 hours to 8 hours and multiple shoot sessions to document events such as your baby’s first year. Prices available on request, contact us for more details.

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