Unposed, Unscripted Documentary Wedding Photography

    Wedding photographers are weirdos. Let’s face it.

    We turn up on the day, befriend a bunch of strangers and photograph them when they’re vulnerable. We love it when people cry, or fall over or generally do something weird because we know they make the best photos. We’re no different to other photographers in that respect.
    We’re probably worse, actually.

    Our style is documentary wedding photography or wedding photojournalism or simply, those natural photos that everyone thinks are the best.

    The amazing thing about documentary photography is that the pictures get better with age.
    That's why we love what we do.

    A posed photo tells you very little about a moment in time whereas documentary photography can give you a sense of character, a feeling and a conversation piece. Photos that raise the question “what was actually happening here?!” or really makes you say “you guys look so happy and in love” are going to be worth so much more in 1 year’s time or 20 years down the line.

    We're smiling through the ceremony, we've cried at speeches and even been known to dance at the evening reception (but not to ABBA, Alex will just lie down on the floor and cry). Sounds daft but we really care about your day and the photos you get to look back on so we put 110% into everything we do.

    What makes us different?

    We mingle and chat to people on the day and build up a false sense of trust then take photos when people least expect it. 

    We promise not to hide in the bushes with a long lens for natural photos. We hide in plain sight, like proper ninjas.

    Sorry, not sorry. We’ve never really followed trends and don’t look on Pinterest for the latest and greatest photo ideas and posing suggestions, we simply photograph what’s happening on the day. 

    We promise not to take faux romantic “hair sniffing” photos where you look like you’ve fallen asleep stood up in the middle of a field (unless the wedding has taken an unusual turn and that’s actually what you’re doing for some reason).

    We won’t take you away from your guests for hours on end, we spend a small amount of time taking to photos of you both together but we work at your pace. If couple portraits isn’t your thing, that’s totally cool, it’s your day and we want you guys to be happy.

    We don’t spend ages arranging detail shots or hanging the wedding dress in a tree(!?) because ultimately, the dress is going to look better on you than on the tree. 

    We don’t skulk off and hide during quiet points of the day. We work our bums off on the day and if there’s nothing to photograph at that point in time, we’ll be chatting with your guests or to each other about what we’re going to do next.