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If you’re searching for Wedding Photographer Hull, we’re guessing you’re also searching for Wedding Venues in Hull too so we’ve put together a short and sweet list of our experiences at Hull wedding venues.


Wedding Photographer Hull

Absolutely one of our favourite wedding venues is Dunedin Country House in Patrington. Dunedin is about 20-30 minutes from the city centre. The drive to the venue takes you across some of the flattest scenery you will ever see! When you arrive at Dunedin, you instantly feel welcomed and it’s a gorgeous, boutique styled venue with lots of character as well a simple decor and elegance. The gardens are beautiful and perfect for garden ceremonies or Humanist ceremonies like Katy and Ray’s wedding.

The staff here like to do things a little differently and we particularly like the attention to detail – even down to Helen, the wedding co-ordinator, matching the colour of her jacket to tie in with a wedding’s colour scheme – we don’t know if it’s done on purpose but it’s something we notice every time and it just adds to that personalised and intimate feel Dunedin has built it’s reputation on. You will also be looked after so well by the staff here, everything runs like clockwork and you are truly made to feel special.

Being Hull Wedding photographers means these local venues are some of that we work most closely with, we know the area very well and can make many recommendations for local suppliers we feel would suit different brides and grooms.


Hull Wedding Photographers

Modern, friendly and with stunning views of the Humber Bridge. We have shot some weddings of some our closest friends and some of the coolest people in town, the Hallmark is a very popular  wedding venue in Hull.


Wedding Photography in Hull

Rise Hall is situated in a tiny hamlet in East Yorkshire about 20 minutes away from Hull city centre. It’s about a 5 minutes walk from where Jenni grew up and of course it’s famous because it’s been on the telly n all that. Sarah Beeny made the venue a hit from the start after her televised series that set out to renovate the once derelict convent and school.

The weddings we see here are often fabulous and extravagant. Couples are allowed to put their own stamp on the venue, Rise Hall provides the perfect wedding white canvas. Our very favourite wedding we have shot here was for Emma and David, these guys were initially shy of having lots of photos taken but eventually (after a few drinks) were playing Lord and Lady of the manor. We don’t often do posed shots, but these guys were having a laugh and we made the most of the beautiful architecture of the building.


Hull Wedding Photographers

Rowley Manor makes us think of winter and Christmas weddings: roaring fires, mulled wine and elegant Christmas decor that makes this place look like a picture perfect winter wonderland. Obviously, the summer here is amazing too, quintessentially English with croquet, pimms and afternoon tea? Every wedding we have photographed here is stunning with a classic style.


Wedding Photographer in Hull

Not too far away from Hull is the perfect woodland wedding venue, complete with log cabin and tipi. Oaklands is super picturesque and comes highly recommended by any photographer due to the fairytale quality of the venue. Think Bohemian, Alice in Wonderland crossed with a festival and Oaklands weddings are really rather unique.


Hull Wedding Photography

The Deep is one of the quirkier venues you will see and a stone’s throw away from the heart of Hull city centre. This venue has excellent staff and residents (by residents, we obviously mean the sea life) making for a truly enjoyable and unique experience for your wedding. We have photographed a few weddings here but it’s a tricky venue for a lot of photographers as you cannot use flash. You might not realise this but the fish don’t have eyelids, so if a photographer is using flashes, the fish are having a bad time, while they might seem ok, at feeding time staff often get a good telling off by the sea life – did you know fish couldn’t blink?! Luckily for us, we use natural light where possible and have invested in high end equipment that performs well in low light conditions, reducing the need for flash photography, which is perfect for wedding venues like The Deep.

What is also so lovely about this venue is that it is close to a lot of Hull’s attractions such as the Scale Lane Bridge, the marina and the fruit market, home to art galleries and amazing little cafes. This area makes a perfect backdrop for an engagement shoot and we have in the past taken advantage of events such as Freedom Festival to capture some really interesting pre-wedding photos. As a wedding photographer Hull, we know and love this area well.

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